Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready or not!!

Pepper is coming home on Saturday! Whether or not we are mentally prepared for this is the big question. Of COURSE we will be just fine, and OF COURSE everything will work out, but this is just slightly stressful. I'm having surgery tomorrow morning, I should be home by noon, have half the day to recover then it's off to the hospital first thing Saturday to pick her up. We're excited, I just hope that I'm feeling ok enough to do a good job taking care of her! I guess in a way, it will be just like I just had her, I will be sore and tired and want some sleeeeep! Anyway, she is doing fantastic, she is off the oxygen and that feeding tube is gone forever! She's almost cordless! She looks so different without stuff all over her face! 

As far as visitors go, we are encouraging family and friends to wait a while to come see her. Her immune system is still immature and she can't handle very much stimulation. We are excited for everyone to meet her and we love having company, but we just can't take any risks with her health right now. Doctor's advice. Besides, she should still be in my tummy until Easter. I've thought of putting her back in, but I don't think it works that way.  ;)
We love you all!

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