Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful quiet Christmas at home this year. On Christmas Eve day, we took the kids to the mall and to their favorite restaurant here in Logan, Firehouse Pizzeria. It really is SO good. We made a gingerbread house and chilled out watching our new movie, Mars Needs Moms. 
Then the missionaries came over for dinner. They were at our house for about 4 hours, and we didn't mind, but the boys were REALLY excited to open their one Christmas Eve gift that we told them they could open after the missionaries left. Well, Jared got sick of waiting for them to leave and got proactive..he got the kitchen timer out, turned it to 10 minutes and set it on the table in front of the missionaries and said "When this timer goes off, you guys need to leave." They thought it was so funny, they asked me to take a picture for them. 
Afterwards, we read The Night Before Christmas and went online to check out Santa's location on santa tracker. He was getting pretty close, so the boys went to bed without a hassle. After the boys were asleep, Santa put their presents under the tree and ate the cookies and egg nog they left out. Dave and I watched a few different christmas episodes of our favorite shows on Netflix and we were off to bed. 

We actually didn't get anything for Pepper this year, except we had the boys each buy her a gift and wrap it. She's still not ready for opening gifts yet, she just wanted to eat them. (Also, we're pretty sure she has lazy eye, it's becoming more and more noticeable so I'm going to have her checked out next week. You can see it in this photo..actually almost every photo on this post. haha)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


The days seem like they are speeding by and I can't seem to get a grip! Pepper just turned 9 months old and her first tooth finally popped through her gums! She has been very fussy, runny nose, warm forehead, all that business. I took these photos of her while she was having a rough afternoon. Poor little lady was so tuckered out from the hard work of growing a tooth that she fell asleep on the couch. She NEVER does that. 
 She is also holding her own bottle, HOORAY! Although I have to say, I still like to hold her sometimes while she eats because I love the way she snuggles up to me, gazes into my eyes and plays with my shirt. She won't be so little and immobile for long! She still isn't sitting up or rolling, but she scoots all over the living room on her back. Yesterday I looked over at her to see that she was eating the tree skirt. That's when I realized that I am okay with her taking her time at crawling. We are in for it when she does! She is *still* sleeping straight through the night, from 7:30pm until 7:30am. It's awesome.
I love these pictures of Pepper with my Mama. She was trying to eat Grandma's nose. Grandma is the only person Pepper will give kisses to.
Pepper also loves Elmo. She has a Elmo doll that sings and she flips out every time she sees it. Too cute. Dave has gotten really good at his Elmo impression as a result. I know because I hear it ALL DAY LONG. Please pray that Dave will get a job and soon!! He's driving me crazy!! hahahaha (that's my driven crazy laugh) It's like that episode of Spongebob where he takes Squidward in and keeps hinting to him to get a job...
Squidward: "Spongebob, the TV's broken!!!"
Spongebob: "That's another thing in this house that WON"T WORK! We'll have to find someone who's JOB it is to DO THE JOB!"

 Yeah, we have similar dialogue in our home quite often.

The boys are BEYOND excited for Christmas. I'm so proud of my little guys, they are so sweet and don't ask for much. They each have one small thing that they would really like from Santa and they are so grateful for everything they get. Here they are writing their sweet little letters to santa. Of course Ashton doesn't write yet so I had to write it and draw it, per his request.

 We haven't really set a high standard for Christmas presents. Every year we've only gotten them one thing plus whatever can fit into their stockings and they still get really excited. I just can't believe so many people spend HUNDREDS on each kid. It's ridiculous. I guess if you are one of those people don't be offended. I might be spending that much if I had it, let's be honest. It just kills me how everybody gets so stressed around Christmas time, I don't get it. Everybody is freaking out about getting their "christmas shopping" done and I'm like "who are you buying gifts for? Everyone you've known since the 3rd grade?" Honestly, we are planning on spending $70 total on our kids and we don't even have it yet, boohoo. But we are still gathering items for families in need in our neighborhood and we are pretty excited about it. We have a Libyan family down the street who have no FURNITURE, no VEHICLE and very little food. I see their little girls walking home from school every day, their clothing old and tired looking and I'm crying about my husband being unemployed and my car being broken down and having to drive an ugly old chevy pickup around town and boohoo my hard drive crashed and I can't get it back until next week and waaah waaaah waaah. I think we all get so caught up in our troubles or worried about our own necks and how much WE'RE struggling that we forget the reason for this "crazy" time. CHRIST. Jesus Christ, who would give the clothing off his back to someone in need. Jesus Christ who GAVE HIS LIFE so that we could learn and grow, and make mistakes, forget him and curse his name and become so incredibly selfish...yet have chance after chance to be forgiven and come back..Yeah, this was the talk I had to have with my hormonal self today after I wallowed in my petty tears all morning. Boo hoo, get over yourself. Oh my gosh I am so incredibly blessed and if I'm sad or unhappy it's nobody's responsibility but my own! about these frosty leaves? Merry Christmas everyone!
*afternote: Dave fixed our car! Woot!

Saturday, December 03, 2011


I've been seeing this type of stuff around lately and I think it's fabulous(which is a word I would never actually say in real life) so I pulled out my old t-shirts and scraps last night and made a christmas one. That old door looks so much happier now, dontchya think? Not sure about the sled though..but Dave climbed on the railing and hung it up for me and I don't think he'll be thrilled if I ask him to take it back down so soon. I'll give it another day. Ha. 
p.s. Thank you Pinterest for this idea:)