Friday, April 16, 2010

we are out of band-aids

I know, I'm being a horrible blogger..we did have Easter and I do have tons of great pics...just so behind on editing for my's wedding season!!! I'm mostly taking a minute out of my work time (which roughly goes from 10pm-2am on a good day) to blog our day, because #1 it was a long long long tiresome day that needs some blogging about/venting about #2 photoshop is kindly working on some photos for me, it takes a few minutes.. So, with my lame excuses out of the way...I shall blog.

We had a long day. Jared has had this huge thing on the back of his heel for a while now and today it was really hurting him..he scraped it on his bike and it was bleeding so I finally called the Dr. and they had an opening like RIGHT THEN so we walked to the doctors office at the specialty hospital down the block. Jared rode his bike and Ashton his scooter..Jared went too fast, Ashton was way too slow, I was in the middle yelling at both of them...SIGH. So we get to the doctor's office and the doctor said we would have to take care of the "wart" on our own using some sort of over the counter thingy with a really long and complicated sounding name that I can't remember..then proceeded to tell me that Jared needed like 17 immunizations..ok, more like 4, but the poor kid screamed like I have never heard him scream before...
Here he is showing off his Looney Toones band-aids..because no post is complete without someone's underwear showing.

On the way home he tried to jump a curb and went head over handlebars into the pavement...more screaming...SIGH. Ashton fell off the front steps a bunch of times and I tell you...we are out of band-aids.

 Dave had been doing some installs for the security company he {randomly} works for and when he got home I got all tenacious and started detailing everything we own..I cleaned & vacuumed the car..cleaned up the yard, watered the lawn & garden(is it too early for that? one never can tell) gave the boys haircuts(really good ones if I might say so myself), put the boys in the tub & detailed them(they REALLY needed it!), I even brushed their teeth for the recommended one minute, and finally, finally, put them to bed and they actually stayed this time. THEN I swept, mopped, cleaned the couches, vacuumed, cleaned out every closet we have, changed all the burned out lightbulbs, did the laundry(AND put it away!!!) put away the winter clothes ANYWAYS blah blah blah I'm boring the crap out of you. Honestly, I am so tired I don't even know what I am going on about. Sorry to the 10 of you who read this blog..I don't know why you bother..LOL I promise the next post will be packed full of awesomeness! Here's some pics to hopefully make up for my lack of making any sense at all....

Ashton had a rough day...he was just super whiny and kept saying that there were spiders everywhere and they were going to get him...

I'm not completely mean and uncaring...after torturing him with pictures while he was in turmoil, I did manage to cheer him up..

He's so flipping cute.


  1. I love the pictures! There must be something in the air, I've been spring cleaning like crazy and that is so not like me, I am not a neat freak at all! Good for you, I bet you feel so much better.

  2. 1st of all I LOVE reading your blogs. They make me smile. your pictures are incredible, your sense of humor is whitty and you have way too much energy. So there! You keep blogging and for heaven sake GO BUY SOME MORE BANDAIDS!! LOL

  3. Little boys are so awesome. I better stock up on some bandaids.
    And you are equally awesome. I don't know how you do it all. Need to get me some motivation to detail this mess around here.

  4. um, you can come clean my apartment. :) i've been "cleaning" for three days now and i'm not even kidding, i threw away like 10 pieces of paper. i have had ZERO motivation.

    p.s. you're kids are adorable. you're hilarious! i literally laughed out loud several times reading this post! :D

  5. Oh heavens! We have cool transformers bandaids and if I lived closer I would totally bring you some! Haha! I love the pictures of Ashton... he is so cute!