Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oregon part one: ROAD TRIP!

It's officially summer! We kicked June off with a trip to Oregon to photograph a wedding. It was just Dave and I. We literally left our boys at 5 am with fevers and pink eye, I sat on the edge of the bed in tears, Jared looked at me through his good eye and quietly whispered, "Mom...just go.." It's funny sometimes how children can be so much stronger than adults in difficult situations. I didn't really know what to do, I was so grateful to have my awesome neighbors standing by to help out with the boys, Dave's mom couldn't take them since they were sick, she already had 4 other grandchildren to watch. We left and said a little prayer for our babies and began our long drive northwest. Later that morning I reluctantly called my Mom and told her the situation with the boys, she didn't even hesitate, she came right over and took over for Dave's little sister Kimber(who also dropped everything to come stay with our sick children!). She really took so much worry off my shoulders. She stayed for 3 nights, often getting up during the night to take care of fevers and a hallucinating Ashton. She did not complain once, although I'm positive that it was a huge sacrifice for her. Thank you Mom, you have no idea what a relief it was to have you there!
So here are some pix from our trip there..all I have is a portrait lens so I wasn't super thrilled about taking travel pictures...I took a TON at the beach and whatnot so I will post those later!

Ok seriously, we are so lost without our wonderful GPS...It's sad really..

I was so tempted to spray paint "of the" between King and Hill but Dave informed me that it might be some kind of I didn't. 

Somewhere in Idaho we stopped at a Denny's..Dave ate a big old' breakfast,
I just enjoyed "this glass of water..mmm..I'm stuffed."

I took more pictures at Denny's than I did the entire trip there. 

"It feels good to mingle with these laid back country folk, doesn't it Harry?"
Took this outside of Denny's.
Multnomah Falls Oregon..
Come back for more later!! I'm getting all caught up!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


David, I love you. 
Dave is helping his Dad renovate an old house out in the country, and he has been bringing me the coolest vintage stuff. Like this door for example. Are you kidding me?

   I can't decide if I should paint it chocolate or leave it blue? And should I hang it horizontally above my couch, or in the dining room above my table, or in the entryway?? My walls are a mushroom color, more olive than might clash? I am not good at interior decorating..I love decorating, but suck at it. I'm like the 65% of the people who audition for American Idol who really love to sing but are in total denial that they suck, only I'm not in denial, I have come to terms with my decorating suckiness. All I know is I love this door. Lead paint anyone?

Item #2 on my antiques roadshow..old skis!! I love them I love them I love them!!!
They have been in a barn, can you tell?
Oh, and the other great part about Dave's renovating job..he gets money. 

What we've been up to..

Ice cold mountain lake water..

finding golf balls in the sand..
Breathing in the fresh spring air, feeling the warm rain on our skin...

Working hard. I love going to sleep EXHAUSTED at the end of the day knowing it was a day well spent.

I've been growing things..
and killing things (my poor cantaloupe plants!)
but my tomatoes survived the last frost..that's good.

I love being a Mom, spending my day taking care of two little boys (and one big one), cooking meals, caring for a home that I love, growing a garden, reading bedtime stories. Things are never perfect, it's always a struggle, but it's a journey I love. So grateful for my life, my family, my home. Thanks for reading:)