Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yup, we're still here..

Dear Tanner,
         Thank you for asking where we have been. No, we didn't fall off the face of the earth, but I'm wondering, is that possible? Because I could use a vacation! Ever since I came home from my trip to the photography convention in Vegas, I have felt so overwhelmed. I was given mounds of information that if used properly, and with enough creative cleverness, could really get my business flying. I have so many ideas racing around in this head of mine, and although I have written it down, I still feel overwhelmed, and to say the least, like beating my head into a brick wall. I write everything down. I make lists(Yes, I'm aware I need professional help) I have a list of bills that are overdue, a list of things I need to do at home, a list of things that I need to do for the business, a list of things I WANT to do for the business, a list of pictures I need to edit, a HUGE grocery list, I even have a list of lists I need to make!!! Do you think one can have too many lists, I mean, could that be possible? HMM.. I like the way Dave does things. So simple, no lists, no worries..just fa la la la la we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, all the time in the world sort of thinking. Maybe that works for him(and I assure you most days it doesn't) but I cannot and will not function that way. MUST...HAVE...ORDER!!
 Here is my desk. Can you see them? The lists? They are everywhere. Oh, and my Mom told me that if I dont fill out the Census papers that they will come arrest me, so there you see it, all ready to go on my desk. Mom, were you being serious, can they do that??  {sidenote: if anyone would like to make me some cute curtains for my office window, go right ahead. My sheets will thank you. Plus, you will be blessed ;) }
    Anyways, aside from all the crying I've done today(sorry Dave, your shoulder should dry off in an hour or two assuming the emotional floodgates stay closed for the day) we are doing really well! We are happy and having fun and looking forward. We are going camping next weekend to good old Blue Lake Nevada, you know the one, bluegills and bass remember?? Yeah, It's been a long time but my parents are going and a bunch of my siblings are too!! Yay for long lost togetherness at last!! You better guarantee that I will be disappearing into the marshes with my fishing pole for an hour or two the minute we arrive! I am so excited and when I get back, I will put it right there on the bottom of my "things to blog about" list. ;)

                      Also, the time has come to start the garden! I am so flipping excited about gardening. It is such a weird and unusual emotion to be feeling about vegetables, for me especially, but I have found that I actually really love it!! Don't knock it till you try it! Yesterday we tilled the beds and planted the early stuff, carrots, peas, and lettuce. We won't be planting anything else until May but the tomatoes are started in the kitchen window!
 Isn't he the cutest tiller ever?? 
I made these plant markers in all my cleverness. LOL The boys are so excited and love being able to visualize what will be growing where. And they'll be good in case I forget where I planted stuff. (I can totally see me doing that)

Speaking of plants, remember the grass we planted in the window? 
That's how long it's been since I've blogged!! Go ahead, take away my gold stars! Rip them off quick, like a bandaid!

Dave has so many projects started right now. He is re-building a flatbed trailer, re-finishing our kitchen table, and building a new deck onto the back of the house. So, don't walk out our back door. You will fall. 
This was last week when it was snowing(obviously) and there, in the background you can see a before picture of the garden. Euw!
So, this deck he's making is actually someone else's old deck that his brother gave him. Our deck was about to fall off the back of the house and it was really rickety. The new one is really big(YAY we can have a table on it and a barbeque grill!! Party at our house!) One man's trash, another man's treasure!
Ok speaking of Decks
I was walking under the one that is currently under construction yesterday, and I had my sunglasses on and I was looking down and I totally hit my head HARD. I hit it so hard that it pushed my glasses into the bridge of my nose and they had to be surgically removed! LOL just kidding, but I was bleeding and they were smashed and it hurt really freaking bad. End of tangent. End of post. I feel better.


  1. I have missed your family blog. And yes you can get arrested if you don't do the census. So write that one at the top of your list. Hate to see you in strips. Your garden looks great. Keep posting I love seeing your pictures.
    Now a days making curtains cost more than just buying them. (I found out the hard way). Just go to Walmart baby...LOL

  2. I have some cute curtains that I made for the cabin... I won't be using them here. They will fit a window that is about 36" wide comfortably, and are about 40 or so inches long. I never did get them hemmed though. They are kind of a pastel peach color with flutterbys. Kind of girly. Just washed them today. (and they beat the hell out of walmart curtains) I think I even have your address. I'll mail them to you...
    Don't go crazy, that is my job. Love your blog. Auntie J.
    P.S. They won't arrest you, but they will knock on your door to get the information they want from EVERY household in the nation. It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out, so do it cuz they'll drive you nuts til you do!

  3. I cannot wait to see you guys up at Blue Lake. I've never been there and I'm not the best camper, but it will be fun to hang out with everyone. It sounds like you guys are keeping busy, sorry your so stressed. Someday we'll miss this and be bored out of our minds....yeah, I don't believe it either, haha!

  4. Hey! Thanks girl, we were missing you! Glad to hear you're alive, and I know what you mean about the lists. One thing at a time... You know what helps? Put things on the list you've already done, and cross them off- It'll make you feel better. : )

    AND... UMMM... I don't see a whole lotta UTAH visits on my blog... uh-hum! Reagan's got some cute stuff up there! : )

    Can't wait to see you in July!