Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wall

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to pick out our dream home appliances(a ritual we do weekly)
and I just had an inkling to stop by the "mis-tint" paint section and I found a quart of the exact dark chocolate brown paint I have been looking for! It was $1 so I bought it and IMMEDIATELY started painting my wall. 
What I didn't realize is that we don't have a tall enough ladder or a long enough extender to reach the top of the wall. We have a split entry home with vaulted ceilings and I kinda sorta went off half cocked on this one.
 Dave was so mad at me. 
Anyways, long story short and three hours later the wall was finished. 
"Don't ever do that again" was all Dave could say to me. 
Forget the fact that I had tons of other things that needed to be done, I wanted that wall painted dammit!
THIS is what it looked like before.

And this is after:
I actually prefer an eggshell or a satin at least, but this was semi-gloss and for a buck, I can't complain:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dave the artist

David is really getting the hang of photography.
He took my camera out on a date the other day and snapped a few that I am totally in love with!
He really grasped exposure quickly and is now in full manual!

He has caught onto my style and is just about ready.
He will be shooting a few weddings solo this winter and I am not one bit nervous.  
I could get used to sharing the camera with Dave if he keeps bringing in stuff like this!
Way to go babe!

This one is my favorite. I will be printing it large and hanging it in my kitchen. It makes me think of summer and warmth.

Porcupine Reservoire

We had so much fun at this reservoire! It is south and east of Logan and pretty quick for us to get to.
The water was freezing cold but felt so good on that blazing hot July Sunday afternoon. 

This is probably more of Dave than you ever wanted to see, and probably more of Dave than he ever wants you to see. I couldn't resist.I call this photo
 "Imitation crab".

Hey look, there's me. I am in a picture on my blog! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jared's 5th Birthday Party

Jared's 5th birthday was a blast. 
He wanted a shark themed party and we seriously put it all together THAT MORNING and had a ton of help from our neighbor and friend Jen, otherwise, it would not have been done. 

She came up with this shark mouth archway at the entry to the backyard and it turned out pretty cool. At least Jared loved it, he still talks about it to this day. 

I was able to find everything I needed at a local party store and didn't have to spend a ton. 

We filled up a kiddy pool with $1 inflatable sharks and just let the kids play until it was time for cake and  popsicles and presents. I didn't get a picture of the cake but my sister in law Angela made it to order and it was ADORABLE. He told her he wanted a shark biting a boat and that's exactly what she made! 
I really need to have someone else take pictures at the next party because I got so busy that I forgot! 

We love our neighborhood, the boys have so many little friends to play with so we had Jared's first friend only party! He specifically told us that no girls were allowed at his party, even Grandma was told she couldn't come! (she did anyways and he was super glad)
His cousins Ryker and Spencer came even though it was their naptime and he was so happy to have them there. 

They all had so much fun!

How old are you Jared??
Jared got this cool new bike and helmet..right after I took these pictures he crashed and scraped up his naked little back and wouldn't get back on the bike. We tried everything to get him to try again but he just wanted to stick to his old bike. We ended up taking it back and exchanging it for Legos!

Our baby starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks!!! We are all so excited!

4th of July

I've been following (and quite frankly obsessing) over a blog about furniture building this summer. Knock Off Wood had an idea to build an independence day flag from wood scraps and I got crafty and made one! Thank goodness David left his drill behind..we became REALLLY good friends. 
I've yet to successfully build anything more complex, I have measuring issues. You should see the bookcase I attempted to build from scrap. Can you say Leaning Tower of Pisa?
I will be building the boys beds very soon, but not without a little guidance from my husband:)

A few of these photos are from June at my parent's house.

Our Fourth of July weekend turned out to be rather eventful. David was in North Carolina for the week and I wasn't quite sure what we would do for the holiday. Luckily we have some really awesome neighbors who invited us to tag along with them to pretty much everything they did! 
Here is Jared and his buddy at the Hyrum parade. We were at the very end of the route thus the parade participants not only looked hot and exhausted, but they were completely out of taffy. Boo!!
We still enjoyed it. 

We also went to watch fireworks on the lawn at the USU stadium. 
They were awesome. 
I have never photographed fireworks before, it took me a while to figure out the right exposure but once I did I got some really cool shots. 

We also went to the Cache Valley Cruise-In with my parents..
My cute Dad narrated the entire parade for us. I now know every year, make and model of every car that entered this year:) 

Ashton LOVES my Dad. I mean, yeah Jared is totally infatuated with him too, but Ashton and my Dad have a special bond. 
On Monday the 5th we went to my parent's house again and my Dad filled up the back of his 4x4 with warm water for the boys to play in. They LOVED it.

So anyways, that was our 3rd,4th, and 5th how was yours?