Friday, October 01, 2010


I can't believe summer is over. We didn't accomplish half of the things we had said we would do this summer, yet, I feel so ready to move on. I am ready for cooler weather, and falling leaves, changing colors, Halloween and warm clothes. We have decorated for Halloween and hung our first elk(for another post!), started the first day of Kindergarten, had our last camping trip of summer and started on our 3rd quarter business taxes.

 I welcome fall, and change.
 I welcome warm fuzzy boots and sweaters, crisp air and apple cider.
 I welcome morning bouts of nausea and sudden heartburn...
I welcome little flutters in my tummy and a growing waistband..
I welcome doctor appointments and ultrasounds...
I welcome whatshouldwenameits and whatsitgonnabes.

I am so ready for this. We are so ready for this. After much prayer and consideration, we are expanding our little family, that's right,

I'm pregnant.

Our little goul.


  1. Love the music "Ghost Busters" How fitting...LOL Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations! That is happy news and I love happy news!
    Take more wonderful pictures of autumn for me-- I miss it so!

  3. I'm blog stalking you from Erin's bloglist. Congratulations on the new baby!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get that girl you've been waiting for! :)

  4. Congratulations guys! That's so exciting! I love the picture of the pregnancy test. :D

  5. SOOOO excited for you guys! Start collecting your newborn props now! HAHA! I know I would! Congrats : )

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it, what an awesome mom you's hoping that there is some PINK in your future :)

  7. oh my goodness!!!! I know I've known this for a little while but i totally started crying again! (LOVE those pregnant hormones!) That picture of baby is sooo cute. I bet our babies are going to be bffs!!!

  8. I finally have a moment to do some blog catching up today! (reading and writing) Yay! Im so happy to see that you have announced your wonderful news! I have goosebumps. :)