Sunday, July 07, 2013

Life: One Year Later

Wow! ONE YEAR has passed since I posted last! Life is crazy and beautiful and full of adventure! We moved to San Diego California on May 31 and we are LOVING it! Several months ago it was just a pipe dream but we decided that it could happen and needed to happen and check it out, it did!
We are overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the immense blessings and joy that have come into our lives!
Here are photos from the month of June. Enjoy!

The kid's first time seeing the ocean. We took them to La Jolla. It was cold but breathtaking. I sat on the sand with Pepper and I cried tears of joy. Our dream really came true!
Catching "sand crabs"

At a park near our house.  
 Playing in the kiddie pool.

 View from our living room and patio.

View of San Diego downtown from Point Loma. 

We have a beautiful reservoir 2 miles from our house. I love it. I jog to it a couple times a week. 


 The following photos were taken in Point Loma at Cabrillo National Monument tide pools. We are SO going back at low tide! I will never get accustomed to seeing the ocean. Every time we are driving to it and I catch that first glimpse of it, it takes my breath away and brings me to tears. I hope I never lose that, as nerdy as it is.





 Our backyard:
 I'm getting used to the spiders. I never thought I would say that, but after killing black widows every day, you get kind of numb to it.
 Lower back yard view from the upper and vines in the back.

 This is the "lower" backyard. It hasn't been kept up for years obviously. It is so overrun with bees, spiders, lizards and who knows what else. I call it the cliff. We have little oranges(tangelos??), limes, and another weird little fruit.

 This is our back patio. I love it. Since this photo we have gotten some patio furniture and it's now my fave place to relax. I need a hammock!!
Lake Murray again:


 This time we caught a tiny baby lizard:)

View from our backyard at sunset! Our backyard faces east.  

 Same view but on the night of 'supermoon".
At the pool with our friends!

  Every evening while Dave is out working, the kids and I go for a walk. There is so much to see in our neighborhood. We are in a very cool 1960's neighborhood, most of our neighbors are retired and have lived there forever. Everyone has cool plants and gardens with plants I've never seen before. Jared especially loves our walks.

Stamped in the sidewalk! I love it!