Monday, January 11, 2010

I made them promise..

that when they grow up and get big like Daddy...

they will always come home and visit their Mama..

that they will never forget to give kisses and hugs..

Jared to Mommy: "Mom?
Mommy: "What's up?"
Jared: " I love you. I am going to marry you. You're beautiful."

My heart melts every time.


  1. I love your new look and blog! (As usual u r the bomb!)

  2. ash love it and i love the balloon cartoon thing on your side bar... where did you find that. you need to teach me so much!1!!! love you.
    p.s. it was good to talk to you the other day

  3. aw thats so cute! You should like vinyl that on your wall or something! Your boys are so darling!

  4. That's so cute! Hope they don't sit down... Love it!