Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Five

Pepper is five days old! Today she got to meet her Grandma G and she was all smiles! It was the first time I saw her smile! I didn't catch any though, bummer. So this is her little bed. The purple glow is from her bed, it's a bili bed, you know, for jaundice. They don't use the lights from above anymore, it's like a little tanning bed, the lights are underneath her. That way she doesn't have to have her eyes covered up. She is also under a warmer, which is why she's just in a diaper. The white tube is her feeding tube, and my milk is in a syringe hooked up to a little machine that very slowly pushes it in over an hour. She was having a lot of reflux, so in addition to reflux medicine, pushing the milk very slowly helps her digestion. She's on a little bit of oxygen and she has an IV in her head, which, actually hurts less than in her hand, there are less nerve endings in the head. It looks super uncomfortable, but she doesn't seem to mind it. All of the other wires are leads that monitor her respiratory rates, oxygen, etc. It all looks pretty intimidating, but we've gotten used to it. 

She doesn't like to be bothered, and lets us know by putting her hands up in front of her face. It's so cute! She has my long fingers, but they are double jointed like her Daddy's fingers. 

 I hope Grandma doesn't mind that I put these up, but I'm more of an 'ask for forgiveness rather than permission' kinda girl:) I just love these pictures. 

So content:)


  1. Ashley she is so beautiful and perfect!!! Hang in there, (hopefully) she'll be home before you know it! Lots of Love!

  2. She is beautiful. Wow, I wish I lived closer.

  3. She is so unbelievably precious! Just perfection. Congrats again--hope she gets to come home from the nicu soon!
    I can't believe you have done this with all three of your babies. You are super girl, for sure. All my best to you and your sweet family!

  4. oh my gosh Ashley she is super cute!!! I love the pictures!!! I hope she can come home soon!!