Friday, July 16, 2010


When you spend so much time working on someone else's pictures
it's really challenging to keep up with your own. 

I feel like this blog is slipping through my fingers..

I think of new things to write about every day,

and I take pictures every day.

I'm taking a moment tonight to go through them all..
so hard to choose which ones to blog and which ones to let go..
this blog is the only thing I'm doing to document our lives, 
aside from photos..which I have about two years worth of on my computer..
I feel like such a hypocrite, always lecturing my clients about the importance of  "getting those images printed".
At this point it will cost me a fortune..but an album is in order.
The hardest part is deciding which pictures to print. 
I take so many...not wanting to miss one moment..
hoping to capture my children's essence through photographs.

Wow. There are nine, count 'em, NINE folders just brimming with vacation-ey awesomeness, summer escapades, fourth of July goodness, two really sweet and dirty little boys..and a few project before and afters (mostly afters since I lost all ambition to take before photos). I really do have so much fun stuff to blog about, and so much to say.
 I know I will get to the bottom of the bite at a time, right?

I'm off to bed, I'm starting to feel a little bit like this....