Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Here's To David

Im really proud of my husband. He's really stepped up to the plate since I've been down. He reads to the boys every night and helped Jared get his Book-it Pizza Hut reward last month. The fact is, Dave is not a big reader. Reading skills are not high on his list of strengths. To be honest, he's more of a math whiz. (We are complete opposites!) What I'm trying to say is, wow. I even overheard him reading The Little Mermaid the other night, doing the voices, songs, and all.
He's really been so great in other areas too, the man absolutely despises and avoids doing dishes at all costs, but I suppose after a few weeks of me being in the hospital and down in bed he realized that it is one of those necessary evils in life and just began doing them. Daily. I'm so totally blown away. Homework, cleaning, laundry, groceries, pharmacy, and just about everything else I would never even begin to expect out of this guy, he's all over it. (Oh, except bathrooms. Unfortunately we haven't quite tackled that one yet. I'm actually beginning to wonder if maybe he doesn't know how to clean a toilet. Volunteers are always accepted!)
Anyways, I'm just really grateful. The end. Oh p.s. He brings me breakfast in bed every single day. Yeah, I'm serious. You can't have him, he's mine.
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