Friday, November 19, 2010

What an adventure..

 So the last month has been a blur. Unfortunately my kidneys decided it was time already to start up with the CRAP and I was in the hospital for two weeks, and in and out of the ER since. The good news is that my new urologist is AWESOME and he was able to figure out what he thinks is the problem. Very simply put, my kidneys overproduce uric acid during pregnancy causing the formation of acid crystals (a form of kidney stones) thus leading to infection. So, I am on a medication that regulates the acid and we're hoping it does the trick. I have had some difficulty with keeping down meds(21 pills a day, I don't blame my poor stomach!), and have had to visit the ER several times to get my vomiting under control. VERY fun. So far I have had eight I.V.s and I now have one very exciting PICC line that I will have until I deliver. (Periphally inserted Central catheter, basically an I.v tube that is inserted into my arm and goes to my heart to deliver fluids and meds)  Monday I begin my progesterone shots which we will be administering at home, and I will also be hooking up my own IV fluids and meds at home. I'm not super nervous about the IV stuff, but the shots will have to be done by Dave since they are going to be in my backside and truth be told I don't trust him!! LOL Totally joking of course, but yeah I am a little nervous. So that's that. Trying to stay positive and constantly thinking about all of the things I have to be thankful for, which are many. 

This is a pic I took with my cell while I was bored.

Here is a pic of Dave and the boys visiting me during my first hospital stay, of course the boys just come to watch Spongebob and eat graham crackers. 


  1. I get to give Mark shots in the butt too, very fun. I think he was more nervous than me the first time...and the second. He might be used to it by now. It's nice, I can take out my frustrations. Just kidding...kind of!

  2. Sounds like your having a rough go, but sounds like maybe they are getting it under control. Hope things are getting better now.