Monday, March 05, 2012

Pepper 11 Months

 Pepper is almost one. Is it cliche to say "Where has the time gone"? Pepper now has 3 teeth and one just about to break through, so two on bottom, one on top. She still isn't rolling, sitting or crawling, although she did fall off the couch the other day so that's something. I CAN get her to sit for a few minutes though if I fold her into a pretzel like her physical therapist taught me to do, and she IS finally starting to bend her knees. She actually lets me put her on the floor on her hands and knees now rather than stiffening up straight as a board. This is progress people! She has another therapist visit to see her progress and work with her and I a bit more. I'm so excited about learning more exercises that will help her to progress.

She had RSV the second week of Feb, and it was awful. We were very concerned about her, especially during the night. We didn't get much sleep for about 5 days, and I was also very sick with a kidney infection at the same time...poor David. Anyway, she finally got over her sickness just in time to go stay with our friends Mick and Jessica while Dave and I went to Las Vegas for WPPI(photography convention). 

She loves Jumperoo and is a total maniac in it at times. She squeals while she jumps. Her hair is finally long enough that it is too heavy to stand up in the front and is starting to lay down. I actually prefer it up, when it's down she kind of looks weird to me. When I take her out of the bath, I make it stand up and put a little baby lotion in it. Her hair is starting to curl in the back, oh so precious. She is so much fun, a good baby. She was really really difficult around 2-4 months, she cried so much but now she's a walk in the park. She isn't sleeping straight through the night like she was before, ever since her sickness she wakes up to eat at least once. I'm wondering how to get her back into her routine, because it was really REALLY nice. haha. 

David is completely smitten with this little sweetie, and she kinda likes him too. She cries out for him every time he walks into a room. Even if I'm holding her. It kind of makes me feel sad, but seeing how happy it makes him, I'll let him have the joy, I won't spoil it. It reminds me of the time at the beginning of our marriage when I brought home a stray kitten, and after much deliberation, he finally let me keep it. That night, guess who the kitten snuggled up to and began purring? Not me. I think babies and animals can sense his amazing sweet and sensitive spirit. I have to admit it, Pepper is a daddy's girl. And she has him wrapped.We are in so much trouble.
 Love this girl. Oh and she ADORES her grandpa. (I think the feeling is mutual)

Sunday, March 04, 2012


"Play energizes us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities."

-Stuart Brown MD
 Photos: Feb 12 at the Portage park across the street from my parent's home. 

Thursday, March 01, 2012