Tuesday, June 01, 2010


David, I love you. 
Dave is helping his Dad renovate an old house out in the country, and he has been bringing me the coolest vintage stuff. Like this door for example. Are you kidding me?

   I can't decide if I should paint it chocolate or leave it blue? And should I hang it horizontally above my couch, or in the dining room above my table, or in the entryway?? My walls are a mushroom color, more olive than might clash? I am not good at interior decorating..I love decorating, but suck at it. I'm like the 65% of the people who audition for American Idol who really love to sing but are in total denial that they suck, only I'm not in denial, I have come to terms with my decorating suckiness. All I know is I love this door. Lead paint anyone?

Item #2 on my antiques roadshow..old skis!! I love them I love them I love them!!!
They have been in a barn, can you tell?
Oh, and the other great part about Dave's renovating job..he gets money. 

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  1. leave it blue darling and then other white. i think nice find dave i love old houses we are selling 3 in orem and we just renitavted them also, love that we do that on the side.! score is right~!