Saturday, April 09, 2011


Our baby has been home with us for a week now! It has been a long but wonderful week! 
My surgery last Friday went well, I was home by noon and feeling better already. Friday night was excruciatingly painful, they didn't REMOVE any stones, they just broke them up and dislodged them, I still had to pass them on my own. I actually ended up going to the ER for a few hours because I got to the point where the pain was so bad that I couldn't breathe. Even the Er couldn't take the pain away. It was pretty rough, but by Saturday morning, I literally passed ALL of them at once. The intense pain was instantly relieved. It was like peeing dirt, literally.
 Then we were off to the hospital to pick up our baby girl! We had to sit and watch videos for a couple of hours (cpr, purple crying, etc) and visit with a lactation consultant too. It took 4 hours before we finally put her in the car! 
      Dave dropped me and Pepper off at home and went to get the boys from his Mom's house..I was so excited for the boys to finally meet her that I sat waiting on my bed with my camera for the moment they came in. You would think Ashton has never seen a baby before for how excited he was! 

The first 24 hours we really had to keep an eye on her because Ashton just wanted to touch her, hold her, stick his fingers in her mouth, poke her eyes...he is just so fascinated by her! Jared has been great, helping out all the time, giving her her binky, talking to her, and even helping change her(which he said he would NEVER do!). I think I hear him say "She is just so DANG cute! I can't believe it!" about 20 times a day. Ashton's favorite thing to say to her is "I love you baby sister!"
 It really feels real now, like we're finally all here, together as a family. We feel so complete. Before, there was always this feeling in the back of my mind that our family wasn't quite finished yet, although I had refused to entertain any thoughts of more children at that point. Now it just feels right. We don't like thinking back on the last 7 months, we try not to, but sometimes I sit and think about how grateful I am for where we are now compared to a mere month or so ago. I was having a difficult night this past week, Dave came down with strep and I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and fatigued. I was laying in bed browsing Facebook on my phone when I came across something one of my friends said. He said;

"I've learned in my life this far, that whatever happens, the sun always rises the next morning."

 It really hit me at that moment that it really is just a matter of persisting, staying positive, and getting through the night. 
In retrospect, the pregnancy was the most painful winter of my life, and one of the most difficult times for our family. BUT, while we were there, it didn't seem so bad! We found ways to let the sunshine in, even during the darkest moments. I'm just in awe at how much we learned and grew because of it. So grateful.

I heard once that God pays you back double for your trouble..and it's true. 
This little lady is THE best baby in the world. She hardly ever cries, and when she does, it's so tiny and sweet, she stops the second you pick her up. She patiently waits for her meals and gives us smiles all day and all night. She only eats about twice a night, then goes right back to sleep. I honestly just can't see her EVER doing anything wrong! (To which my Mom replies, "Just wait 'till she's 13!")
What do you think? Can you honestly see this perfect angel being naughty?? :D

Well, maybe I can, she is a redhead after all!!

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