Monday, March 28, 2011

The Shenanigans of the Hooligans

These boys are keeping us young. Some days I wonder where in tar-nation they came from, they are so hilarious. Ah the things they come up with. I often find myself thinking, "Who are these little mini-men we're attempting to raise?" I honestly can't even stand it, they are so funny. I feel like I missed something while I was pregnant and down. Suddenly Jared can sound out words and he has a crush on a girl. Everything is 'freaking' this and 'dang' that. He found an owl feather in his closet(??) on Friday night and brought it to me. He said "Mom, this is what cowboys use to write letters. Can I write a cowboy letter?" So we got out some food coloring and paper and he wrote letters to everyone. Cute little fake cursive letters, in envelopes. He wrote everyone's WHOLE name on the front. He thinks his Dad's middle name is 'Jones'. It's Joseph. Jared wants to be very independent, he seriously acts like a teenage boy who just got his driver's license. Now that I'm back to being Mom he's acting very surprised about the rules. What? I have to put pajamas on to go to bed? Why can't I eat at your computer desk? What's this slimy stuff you are putting in my hair? The other day I came upstairs and he was watching a very gory documentary about gorillas being slaughtered in Africa on Netflix. Since when does a 5 year old have free reign over a computer, and even more, since when does he know how to log in to Netflix?? Where have I been? 

Ashton I think is feeling a little bit like a middle child as of late. His behavior has suddenly become very needy and he's very quick to tantrum. That's not like him. Jared has been very well behaved and we have been rewarding that, and I think Ashton only knows how to get attention if he misbehaves. When Jared is at school he follows me around and begs to play games on my phone or pretends he's a baby. He lays on the floor and cries and says "Mommy, your baby is crying. Your baby wants you to feed him!" He loves to give hugs, and he loves that I can hold him again, and he's not taking it for granted! I love his little bear hugs and his constant kisses. Ashton is the first face I see in the morning, bright and early. "Mom, it's Sunday, that means it's time to come upstairs with me!" Any time the sun is shining, it's "sunday". We've explained the days of the week over and over but it's just not sinking in yet. He tells Dave and I a million times a day that he loves us. We're really trying to make sure he knows that he is still so special, and that just because there's a baby now doesn't mean we are going to forget about him. 

I'm not quite sure that the boys know what to think yet about Pepper. It's like, they know that my big belly is gone, and that I'm not "sick" anymore, but I don't think it will really sink in until they actually see her in person. I show them pictures everyday. All Jared has said is "Oh my gosh, she's so dang cute, when she gets home I'm going to squeeeeeeze her! I'm going to lift up her shirt and blow on her belly!!" Ashton has said that I'm in charge of Jared, Jared is in charge of him, thus he's in charge of the baby. He's very excited to help with changing diapers, and that's about it. I don't think his excitement will make it past the first poo. :) 

 "Mom, when we get married, I'm gonna be your Dad!"
"Mom, when you pooped the baby out, did that hurt?"
"I'm your cat that follows you everywhere. Meow! Meow! That means you need to feed your cat a tuna fish sandwich!"


  1. Too funny. Kids are so cute! It has to be hard for them, not being able to see her yet. I love Ahston's reasoning as to why he's in charge of the baby. It makes perfect sense to a 4 year old.

  2. the boys are sure getting big and they are supper funny. I am glad that hings can possibly get back to normal soon. i love you and all three of you boys and pepper is very beautiful. congrats! with love Amber