Saturday, October 09, 2010

Camping in August

I feel like I am going backwards on this blog...wait....I am!

Here are some pics of our *only* camping trip of 2010
It was awesome.
Jared only threw up all night long on the FIRST night, so no big deal.
Big thanks to my Dad who graciously sprayed down his puke-a-licious sleeping bag for us, he didn't know at the time, but I was super duper nauseous from morning sickness, so that was something I was very grateful to not have to do. haha

But really, we had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year...hopefully by then we will have acquired foam pads to sleep on..this momma has gone soft!

We met some awesome people around our age who were also from Logan and stayed up all night sitting around the campfire enjoying the crisp mountain air, listening to the sound of the crackling and popping...glancing up now and then for a glimpse of late summer night clear from the high elevation..

Little did I know, my husband is a lumberjack. He spent a good half a day cutting up a fallen tree with his hatchet...then my Dad's buddy showed up with a we go. The man cannot reject a power tool.
He shimmied up the tallest tree I have ever seen...
shimmied. Have you ever seen a 6'2'' 220 lb man shimmy? Watching him I was wishing we hadn't cancelled that life insurance policy. He scares me.

My Dad was really fun for the boys, he took them on many 4 wheeler rides, every one of them giving me more anxiety than the last. Nothing personal Dad. Someday when you're an overprotective mother you will understand. :)

The best present you could ever give Ashton: a Styrofoam bowl.
If anybody needs a good gift idea for his birthday coming up in a few weeks...there ya go.

 My Dad had a work buddy and his wife come up and camp with us, it was so much fun! I think between David and I we talked the poor folks ears off. They are really nice people though, they even laughed at our jokes!

 Ok this picture just creeps me out. Has anyone ever seen Jeepers Creepers. For real Ashton. It is a piece of bologna.

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