Monday, November 23, 2009

{3 years ago..something amazing happened}

3 years ago..on November 7th 2006.. Ashton David Hawkes blessed our lives.

7 weeks early, Ashton couldn't wait to grace us with his little presence..and now we can't imagine a day without his spunk and personality sprinkled throughout it. If you don't know Ashton, you are missing out. This kid is insane. He has an imaginary monkey (or is it? some days I wonder) that gets him through every difficult situation, takes the blame, and often causes chaos of mass proportions in our home. What would we do without "Baby Monkey"?

I took Ashton to the doctor for a check up and catch-up on his inoculations last week. WOW. His answer to every question he was asked was either "red" or "blue". "Ashton, how old are you?" "!" "Ashton, what shape is this?" "UMM..RED!" Then when it came time for shots, and the candy that distracts from the shots, he requested a sucker for Baby Monkey. Explain THAT to a nurse.

We love Ashton so much. He keeps us laughing during rougher times, and always has something profound to say. He's smart, he's a genius, he takes EVERYTHING apart and puts it back together again. He WILL NOT be ignored. You ignore him and he will make you regret it with a very loud broken record.

His Birthday party was a lot of fun. He sat in the corner with my Dad (who smuggled in a Mountain Dew specially for Ashton) and ate candy and drank much caffeine. We had a great turnout and he got way too many presents! How did everybody know that he loves monster trucks?

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