Thursday, February 05, 2009

{American Idol}

I had the opportunity to shoot some pics backstage at the American Idol review in Provo last night. I was working freelance for a magazine editor ( Darcy Hanson who is such a sweetheart! She was doing a story on American Idol contestant David Osmond and his amazing wife Valerie and needed some pics for the article. It was so amazing to be in the dressing room listening to their story of his journey on AI and the struggles he has faced dealing with MS. They are two very strong and amazing people!! If any of you have been following AI or saw tonight's show, David developed laryngitis on his last day of Hollywood week and didn't make the cut. Since the show was taped back in November, he has been carrying this "secret" around with him all this time unable to tell anyone but his wife and loved ones. His attitude towards it all is so great! He knows that the Lord must have something greater in store for him and he's just moving forward towards bigger and better things. His wife says that AI is very "produced" and that it isn't a talent competition at all, but just a reality show. Personally, I think AI would have just slowed him down, he has this AWESOME talent, not only musically, but all around seems like a great guy! Anyways, it was fun to get out and meet some peeps. Give me a month and I'll post some pics!

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