Thursday, February 05, 2009

{LAst words}

Okay, seriously, this is my last post tonight I PROMISE!! I just need to let anyone out there know that I am really seriously fighting off an urge to go blonde again(not blonde blonde like before, but blond nevertheless) and I think I need some professional help-not just with the dying of the hair, but like mental health professional help. MUST......FIGHT.......THE URGE!! I HATE...let me say it again(and i don't just throw the word HATE around loosely) I strongly despise being brunette. It's not really fair either because I finally go dark and then my freaking roots start coming in really light(light as in dirty blonde) SO crazy and so not fair(yeah I know, life's not fair get over it, right? I know!!) SO right now the only thing stopping me from this transformation is the fact that I refuse to do it myself. My hair is finally pretty dang healthy and getting long and I definately will be doing it gradually. I'm thinkin carmel blonde anyone? I guess I will have to talk to my stylist about all of this...why I am telling this to who knows who reads my clue...where's Angela at 1 am?


  1. Fight the urge, I love natural color hair! I say this as I am thinking about coloring. Totally different reasons though, I'm going gray! Gray! How old am I? I blame it on my kids. I love your hair, leave it!

  2. I think your color is really pretty. It would look good with some low lights in it though. I do hair if you need someone. (Bethany has yet to try me, but you could talk to Kayleen about my skills)
    I know we are not exactally near each other but we could prob meet in the middle like Bethany's or something and tackle her with some color too. Maybe work out a trade or something if you like

    your new site is cute btw