Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Okay I know this post is a little overdue but I am finally bored tonight and have some free time so I figured I better post-plus I have so much to say late at night for some reason! (and I get alot done when Dave is gone!! sorry honey, I love you!!)
I had the priveledge of being the third child of the Kathy and Jed Hanson family and tagging along at the airport to welcome Elder Hanson back from DC. It was SOO emotional and dang Kathy had to keep crying and making me cry, stinkin Kathy and her tears of emotion pulling at my freakin heart strings! Geez Kathy! So we went to the airport and waited...and waited....and hence...THESE photos were born..(warning: some images contain profanity tsk tsk shame on you kaylynn)

YAY for Oprah!! So many words...TOO many words (I spot Heath Ledger among all of the Obama faces..RIP Heath)
And then we waited some more....

Kathy, she doesn't look amused
Silly Grandpa
It was so crazy and intense because his flight was late and so it was like the worst part of the whole 2 years for Kathy and Jed. It was sooo intense!! And then the first glimpse....


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