Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy October!

I have been making a lot of new goals for my life recently, and since New Years Resolutions are 2 months away, I have dubbed the month of November, NEWVEMBER!! One of my goals is to keep up on the blog. So here's the entire month of October in one post! Here are random pictures of Ash and Pepper!
Pepper turned 7 months old in October. She is starting her hands and jibber jabber. That's about it. But, I am enjoying cuddling with her while she can't escape. :)
Ashton playing dress up. He's wearing a ninja turtle costume and a bee costume at the same time. I like it. 
Last Monday, Ashton Pepper and I, walked with Jared's class to the Pumpkin Walk here in North Logan. It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed it. 
Here are the boys carving their Jack-O-Lanterns. Actually, I ended up doing all the carving, they were too grossed out by the "guts". 
I just can't get over the "concentration tongue". 
 On the 28th, we had a family Halloween birthday party for Ashton. I went all out and it was so much planning and a ton of work. I spent two weeks planning and three days prepping for it. It didn't feel worth it at times, but Ashton was so incredibly happy with it, it was worth it. I tried to do everything by myself, but got to a point where I just couldn't do it all.. two of Dave's sisters came over to help me and they were so much help!!! (yeah, even you Kimber!) I found all of my decorating and food ideas on..Pinterest. Love that site. My only mistake was not making sure everyone knew about the party. I usually do a FB invite, and an evite, and a printed invite, but this year I totally spaced out and only did a FB invite. So, needless to say, only a handful of people knew about the party. I felt so bad. Like an idiot if I might say so. It wasn't a complete fail though, we had plenty of children there and everybody, especially the birthday boy, had fun. Big thanks to all who came last minute. It meant so much to that little guy. Can you believe he's turning 5?
We made mummies, zombie mouths, witch fingers and blood sauce, eyeball oreo truffles, and sand"witches". I meant to put tags on everything but...yeah. 
 Halloween night was fun. The boys went Trick-or-treating around our neighborhood...around and around...haha. (My kids would NEVER do that!!) 
 This is Abby, our favorite teenager and babysitter. She's seriously amazing. Pepper loves her Abby. Oh and unfortunately this is the only picture I got of Pepper in her mermaid costume. She was super grumpy all day, I think she might finally be cutting a tooth. 
Then we went to Portage and Grandpa took the boys and I around in his Trooper and it was so much fun!! I love spending time with my Dad. I also got to see all of our Portage friends and got almost as much hugs as the boys did candy. Love that town. 
Here are the boys analyzing their haul.

 All tuckered out after an awesome Halloween.

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  1. Oh, the food looks so good! Halloween-themed food is the best :)