Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cry Me A River..

I have so much on my mind today..I figure blogging might help me to release it. We had  kind of a...stressful week. As you know, David started school and work and I got really sick. I think it reached a climatic breaking point last night, as we were all really tired and I was feeling pretty sick. Jared has pink eye and a horrible cough. Pepper does this nightly ritual of crying from about 7 to 11, which we are used to, but last night it was a little bit more difficult to deal with. I have been trying to control everything, house, kids, Dave, finances etc and it was just making matters worse. I have been SO concerned about Pepper catching something and ending up back in the hospital that I've gotten myself all worked up into a frenzy. So last night I had a good cry and fell asleep on my bed. David took care of Pepper all night so I could rest. I was finally able to let go of everything. I realized that I am making my sickness worse by stressing out, so I decided that I'm doing everything that I can do, and left the rest to God. I think sometimes we try too hard to do everything ourselves instead of doing what we can and leaving the rest up to the Lord. I do it a lot and it never gets me anywhere. I woke up around 4:30am with my throat completely swollen shut and a crazy pain in my side. Ended up going over to the specialty hospital at 6am to get checked out. I felt pretty stupid going to the ER for a cold, but I felt strongly that I needed to go. I was actually very glad that I did because it turns out that I have a raging kidney infection, and not being able to get any fluids down my swollen throat was making me dehydrated. So, anyways, I got all taken care of and was home by 8, and slept until about an hour ago. I'm thinking this week is going to be a lot better. Even if all hell breaks lose, at least I can deal with it if I'm over this wretched virus. Pepper has been lethargic all day and now she's wheezing when she cries, I'm still worried about her but we'll be watching her closely and taking her to the Dr. tomorrow. 
So anyways, that's my poor me story of the month..what's yours? I don't really love complaining on my blog because #1 The only people that want to hear about your poor health is your doctor, and your mortician(and maybe your Mother, mine is very caring) and #2 There is ALWAYS someone way way worse off than me. ALWAYS.  And somehow I manage to find them in time to realize what a boob I'm being. 
Ok, so moving forward. Here are some pictures from the week. 
This is a common sight at our house, snuggles with Daddy.  

Here is Jared being an "Alien".

Here are some better photos of the camera strap I made.

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