Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 Months

Yesterday I was watching a bit on the news about Natalie Norton who lost her 10 week old son, Gavin, to pertussis. It hit me especially hard because I have an online friend who also lost her son to Pertussis last year and I only saw a glimpse of how hard it was for her, I can't imagine how she was and is hurting over it. I was in Jonathon Canlas' photography class last year at WPPI, he took the photographs at little Gavin Norton's funeral, merely two months after his passing. Natalie, his mother, was in the room as well, seeing the images for the first time. There was not a dry eye in there as a slideshow was played of the, rehashing that yesterday really made me appreciate my babies, especially Pepper, and the fragile age she is right now. I realized then that I need to spend more time with her, taking her in, memorizing her every detail, and just enjoying the stage she's in NOW.  Lately I find myself thinking too far into the future, thinking "It's going to be so great when she's finally laughing...when she's crawling...when she's 4.." instead of just relishing in the NOW. Here are some images I took of all her little details and 'isms' at 2 moths old. Enjoy. 

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