Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well folks, yesterday my water broke and this morning at 5:42am Pepper Scotlyn Hawkes made her debut into this crazy world at a whopping 6lbs 6oz! I was 33 weeks along so that is incredible! She does not need oxygen or a feeding tube, she is doing fantastic but will stay in the nicu for a week or two as a precaution. The delivery couldn't have gone smoother and I am feeling great. David is a very proud papa and he was so amazing through it all. The boys are very excited but unfortunately won't get to see her until she comes home due to very strict visitation policies because of the flu season and whatnot..but we have and will be taking tons of photos for everyone to see! For now all I am posting is cell phone pics since..ahem, I'm still in the hospital:)

Dave and I collectively shot our own "professional" birth story (pictures of the before and after of delivery) so I will be posting that and more details of it all next week sometime when things settle down!

Well, it has been a very long and exciting 24 hours..and my adrenaline high is wearing off so I'm gonna get some sleep now! 
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  1. She is gorgeous. Congrats! I am so glad that she's big and healthy. As soon as you guys get home give us a call, I need to come hold that baby.

  2. WOOO HOO!!! CONGRATULATIONS she is BEAUTIFUL! Her name is so cute, I can't wait to see more pictures and hear how everything went. Thanks for updating us so quickly : )

  3. Congratulations. She is beautiful and im glad everything went well.

  4. Congrats Ashley - that is so exciting :)