Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Fishing Metaphors

  My family used to go to this lake out by Wendover every spring.

 There are two kinds of fish in this lake.
 Bluegill and Bass. 
 Bluegill are stupid. And gross.
 But super easy to catch. Seriously. They love power bait.
 Actually, scratch that, they'll take a bare hook. 

Then there's the mysterious bass.
 My Dad and Uncle Dan spoke of them but I never once caught a glimpse of one. Many a strategy was concocted, many a lure lost in the marshes, I never caught one. 
Then one fateful spring I brought my boyfriend (now hubby) with me.
We were having a nice relaxing Sunday raft ride through the shallow waters..amidst the marshes..whispering and giggling no doubt, when suddenly, David springs up out of the raft and into the water(which he thought to be a couple of feet deep)up to his waist, grabs the oar from the raft and begins thrashing around in the water. I sit in stunned silence at the curious scene playing out before me. He stops thrashing and pauses...waiting, watching..then suddenly, up from the now murky waters appears a ginormous, upside-down, twitching fish.  Not just any fish. A bass. A huge freaking, fat, 15-year-old-me eluding, BASS. WHAT THE FREAK. 

I am currently taking online marketing courses.


 I'm doing it though. It's a HUGE part of operating a small business.

What I am being forced to asking myself is this:

Am I casting my line for bluegill..or bass?

Or should I just be whacking my potential clients on the head with an oar?

You be the judge.