Sunday, June 21, 2009

{MarShMellO pUff}


My first baby girl, so sweet. NO. Not sweet. Naughty and smelly. This is Ashton's kitten that he picked up in front of Walmart. I have a soft spot for animals so we brought her home. She is very soft and sweet but will poop anywhere but a litter box. The first few times I was pretty patient. Then when my house started to smell like a pet store I kicked her out just like I kicked Batman out for his hair shedding issue. I am a clean freak. Anyways, Jared calls her "Marshmello Puff" for lack of a shorter name i suppose. I call her poopy. She loves me and thinks I'm her mommy. That's why I can't get rid of her. I am such a sucker.


  1. See, you got your daughter!!! She is too cute!

  2. She is...too cute. Is she still making that awful noise or has she adjusted now? That is the funniest sound I think I have ever heard come out of a little animal. :)

  3. Ha Ashely those post are adorable I love the b-day girl and the camping withgrandpa I love the BOYS trucks...) Boys and there toys! gotta love em!