Tuesday, February 07, 2012


My mind is so full of things tonight. I'm going to warn you, this is a novel. I sat down intending to post and get caught up on this blog but I checked the news on first and now I cannot stop crying. I am so incredibly sad and devastated by the murder of those two innocent Powell boys by their father..ever since I heard the news yesterday I've been on the verge of tears and sick to my stomach. (story HERE) As more details emerge, it just gets worse. Charlie and Braden were the same ages as Jared and Ashton and the mere thought of it all just breaks my heart! I'm so upset by today's findings, which I cannot even write on here because it's so horrifying. My prayers are going out to the family, especially the grandparents, UGH I cannot even begin to fathom the pain and devastation...
            Well, this is officially my first post of the year, and for me, 1 month is a long time to go without posting. 2012 has already been loads better than 2011, mostly due to a new resolve and new attitude. It has just felt so good, like a fresh start. I had several resolutions and so far have been keeping most of them, there are a few that just haven't been serving me so I let them go. Something I have learned about resolutions is that it's ok to mess up. It's ok to miss a day, just do better the next. I used to mess up or miss a week and then just get discouraged and give up altogether. One of my favorite resolutions that has been amazing for me is to eat mostly fruits and vegetables and cut out processed foods. I got a juicer off of Freecycle and my favorite thing to do in the morning after getting Jared off to school is to throw in 2 apples and 2 carrots and drink it down. I honestly feel so much better, my energy levels are great, I'm more regular(yeah, I blogged that!) and I feel good about myself because I'm eating the way I know I should be. Another resolution was to get an education. I have been feeling really lame the past 9 years because I know how much potential I have yet I haven't made an effort towards a formal education. Growing up I was an honor student and loved learning and yeah, even homework. I love learning. I soak it all in and it feels soooo good! SO, after applying for WGU and passing their admittance tests with flying colors, they decided I needed to have some college "experience" before they would accept me to their online program. So, after twidding my thumbs for a while and trying to come up with all sorts of reasons to just say "nevermind", I decided I needed to do something; anything. So, I am taking a math class at Bridgerland Applied Technology College. Yeah, I said MATH.                          Math is my weakest subject, and I have always been terrified of it. But after reading a chapter on overcoming fear from my favorite book , I decided the only way to overcome it, is to look it straight in the eye. And guess what? I am actually doing very well at it! Today I took 4 quizzes and got 100% on all of them! Granted, I had to start way back at long division and decimals, but I'm doing it! I think the left side of my brain finally turned on! I even won 13 out of 15 UNO matches with Dave last night, that never happens! (and if you think UNO isn't a game of strategy, you can go suck on a pickle because I was in the strategy zone!) I'm so glad I am going to Bridgerland though, because now I know for sure that I DON'T want to do school online. I work from home, which already takes enough attention away from my babies, if I was trying to fit in 4 hours of school a day from home everyone would suffer. It has been so nice to leave around 11am and get home the same time as Jared does. Dave doesn't have work yet, so for now, he is home with the kids. I just registered for the Interior Design program at BATC, and I am so excited to begin!

                Moving along...New Years Eve Day was awesome. We went to visit my Grandma Grundvig(my Dad's mother)at her home in Kearns and ended up there all day. David got to fixin' stuff for her and one thing led to another and before you knew it Dave blew a fuse and the power went out! HAHA! He got everything fixed up for her and she was so grateful. Half the light bulbs in her house were burned out and she is having a hard time getting around and can't get to them. Her kitchen light/fan wouldn't turn on, her railing to her basement was about to fall off, and her two ginormous cat litter boxes in her basement were quite full, so she needed a little assistance. It was so great to spend some time with her, I got to know her a lot more and I asked her a lot of questions about her childhood and her family growing up. I learned a lot of things I didn't know. I love that my kids have a great grandma and that they can know her! 

That evening, we went to Springville to spend New Year's Eve with our friends Ben and Rebekah and their boys, Braden and Ryan. We hadn't seen them in a very long time and it was so great to catch up and enjoy their friendship. We played games and ate TONS of awesome snacks and got tummy aches, the kids banged pots and pans outside at midnight, and spent almost the entire next day playing games and chatting. It was very refreshing. We really missed them!
That's all for now, my eyes are burning because it's now 2am and I'm just a little tired! I'll catch up more later, I have so much to tell you!

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