Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pepper 6 Months Old

The entire month of September, the only photos I took (excluding Oregon) were of Pepper. No kidding. I still don't have any updates on her progress, sitting, crawling, etc. She still does absolutely nothing, well, except pull hair. (I chose a great time to grow my hair out!)
So, in one blog post, here is Pepper in September, at 6 months old:)
 Pepper got to meet her Great-Grandma Grundvig! Grandma said "I know someone who would just LOVE you!" I cried a little when Grandma started telling Pepper how much Great-Grandpa Grundvig would have loved to play with her if he was still here. I still miss him a lot. Pepper really loved meeting her Great-Grandma Grundvig, she was all smiles!

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