Saturday, June 04, 2011

Our Beautiful Saturday

June is finally here...and warmth. We spent our day at First Dam fishing and playing in the water. It's so different for us now, having another little one to look after. David and I laid on a blanket under the trees with Pepper  and watched the boys play, realizing how big they've grown and doing a little bit less worrying about them falling into the water and drowning. We're beginning to let them ride their bikes a little bit farther down the street, and climb a little bit higher in the trees. I think now that we can see the contrast between our tiny Pepper and our big boys, we're realizing that we've got to let the tether out a bit more. They aren't little tiny boys in diapers anymore, that's for sure! (watch the video..and please forgive my horrible videography skills!)

LOVE these photos. 
How was YOUR Saturday?

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  1. Beautiful! Someday I'll get my blog going again. Make today my someday, right?! Lol! You have such beautiful family Ashley!