Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Eggs and Baskets But No Eggs IN Baskets

 Easter at our house this year was pretty quiet to say the least. On Saturday we dyed a few eggs. 

 I'm having serious debates with myself about whether or not to keep up the charade of a giant magical bunny who hops around the world delivering candy and eggs to children. Why can't the easter basket be from Mom and Dad, which, duh, of course..I did all the work, I want the credit, right??! I'm only half kidding. Saturday night around 10:30 was my only chance all week to get out to the store to gather the "bounty", since Dave was working late all week. So, I headed out into the freezing rain. K-mart was closed, Shopko was closed, Walgreens, no go. Smith's Marketplace closes at 11, and I wasn't sure if that would be time enough for me to get what I needed. But I avoid Wal*mart like the plague that it is. We won't get into it, I'm not one to rant and rave and display strong dislikes toward things(welllll...maybe sometimes). For all of you still enamored with the place, that's great. I used to worship it not long ago. Things change. Wal*mart is just....on my dirt list. Anyways, it was PACKED. The entire parking lot was FULL. YUCK. So I went to Smith's. I got the boys each a toy and went over to the Easter area, and lo and behold, they were clean out of EVERYTHING. And it was 10:55. I was so out of steam that I just decided that I could put something together while Dave and the boys were at church the next day. I purchased the toys and came home and went to bed, but as tired and exhausted as I was, I couldn't go to sleep. My mind just started reeling, trying to figure out what to do for baskets..oh what would Martha Stewart do??? I laid in bed and thought and thought, and finally around 2 dragged my behind upstairs and fired up the hot glue gun. (I love that thing!) I grabbed two square ice cream buckets and covered them with brown paper from paper grocery bags..lined them with green fabric, and shredded every piece of green scrapbook paper I own with my office shredder, and voila! Emergency Easter baskets! I gave each of them some jelly beans, a cadbury egg, and a Lindt chocolate bunny. Oh and of course toys. The boys loved it.

 And here's Miss Pepper in her Easter outfit, just chillaxin on the floor.

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