Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pepper's Room

So today was appointed as "Unplugged Day" (by me). That means one day of no TV, no video games, computer, or cell phone games. Yet here I sit, blogging. Unplugged day was cancelled due to rain. That's how I roll. Nobody's complaining.
So anyways, here are some photos of Pepper's room, the room I've been putting together in my mind for the last 7 months. It has finally come together and is *almost* complete. This is now the cutest room in the house, I love sitting in the rocking chair at 3 am snuggling with my girl. Obviously I've lost my mind because I'm bogging about a bedroom, but they say that crazy people are happier than let's just say I'm finding joy in all this girly-ness.  The accent wall was painted by Dave, he chose a flat paint which I wasn't quite sure about but I LOVE it. The color is Lily Creek by Valspar Seaside  Collections. We also have it in our room but it doesn't match ANYTHING in there. Redecorating is in order...later. The boy's room is next. Just waiting on Jared to decide between Sharks and Dinosaurs. 
I've been doing a bit of crafting and sewing lately, in between taking care of my family. It feels SO good to be Mom again. Really it does.  I enjoy it so much!
Here are the photos of the room, I took them at night so the lighting isn't the best. I also don't have a wide enough lens to capture the entire room (which is actually really small) all at once so it's in pieces. The crib isn't done yet, it's just light wood and I'm going to either paint it to match the dresser, or stain it really dark. Haven't decided yet. 
The two smaller frames are actually the frames that canvas prints were wrapped around. I had a screw up on my nieces canvas order a while back and I had to buy new canvases for her, so we ripped the canvas off and alas, nice frames. The middle one my mother gave me a few years ago. I painted them all pink and distressed them for that vintage look. 
 This dresser was also given to me by my Mom. It is from the 1960's and I sanded it all down, painted, sanded, distressed, stained and polyurethaned. It was a process. I did it last summer while we were trying to get pregnant. I'm pretty sure I had a little girl in mind when I did it:) It is my favorite piece I own. It reminds me of vintage Paris. I sewed the cover for the changing pad (which was FREE!), the basket holds diapers and wipes(came from my photography props when I used to do newborn pics) and the bird I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $4. 
I made these curtains and the flower and butterfly came from Hobby Lobby. Gotta keep me outta there!!
 The shelf and frames I already had, just painted them to match the room. 
I made this car seat canopy, and I made one for my sister too. I'm getting addicted to sewing! If anybody wants one, hit me up. I'll totally make one for you:) I also covered the rocking chair pads using a flat sheet because I couldn't find the color of fabric I wanted. 
You don't think I'm spoiling her at all do you?
I also made the pillow, inspired by something I saw guessed it, Hobby Lobby.
I also painted this little thing last summer. I bought it about 4 years ago at a yard sale for $5. 
And that's that. I will post pictures of the crib as soon as it's finished!

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