Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Week Old!!

Pepper is one week old today and doing so well. She is making so much progress! She is off the bili lights, off the IV(which was in for her sugar levels that were low) and yesterday she successfully nursed TWICE! All of the nurses were so excited, like I said before, it is unheard of for a baby of her gestational age to be able to know how to suckle, let alone pace herself (suck, breathe, suck, etc) but she did and it was so awesome!! I wasn't sure if she was even transferring any milk at first, but I pulled her away for a second and she had milk all over her little face! THEN she gives me the biggest smile I have ever seen, let me tell you, I cried. It was the most beautiful moment. She will still need the feeding tube for a while, she gets too exhausted to nurse more than once or twice a day. They are  also fortifying my milk with extra calories so that she can gain weight quickly, so they still have to give her some through the tube..I can't wait till it's gone though, the tube kinda tugs on her perfect little nostril and makes it look weird for the moment. 
I got to give her a sponge bath last night, kinda tricky with all the cords and whatnot, but she really seemed to enjoy it. Putting the onesie on over everything was a different story. I ended up asking the nurse to do it, I was pretty much suffocating her. :b

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  1. I just cried for you! I cried when Kenny first smiled at me, which made my mom cry. haha. Gotta love all the cryin women!
    loves! I am soooo excited to meet that little angel of yours!