Thursday, March 24, 2011


I can't believe our baby is almost 2 weeks old. We are so excited for her to be home, when she is ready of course. I miss her a lot when I'm not with her, everything reminds me of her and she's all I think about all day long. I sit in the NICU for hours late at night just staring at her, taking her in, every little wrinkle, every little fuzzy hair. I love the way she smells and the noises she makes, I even love her little tiny poops. Yeah, you could say obsessed, but I'd say there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
      We've been making it a point to spend a lot of time with the boys, going on "toy dates" where we wander the toy isles of Kmart adding things to our Christmas wish lists (yeah, already) and wrestling on the living room rug. ( I can do that now!!) They are really happy to have Mom back and I am really happy to be back! I feel so great in comparison to the way I felt before. I have had some pain in my kidneys and abdomen, but I'm just hanging in there until surgery and lithotripsy, which should be next week sometime. Just waiting on my urologist. I am so excited for that surgery, as weird as that sounds. It means no more pain! I'm tired of pain! I really feel for people who have chronic pain or kidney stones all the time. I'm blessed to only form them during pregnancy and not all the time like my poor sister Becky and my Dad. 

        Anyways, I'm sure everyone wants to hear all about my exciting health issues. Bring on the baby pictures already!!!

Just a quick update: Pepper is 12 days old, she was taken off of the morphine today, a huge step, and she is down to once a day with the Phenobarb(also for withdrawals). She still has the IV in her head, but they only use it to give meds. Feeding tube is still in but she is nursing more and more every day. Still on a little bit of oxygen. She's out of the isolette and back in a regular bed, she is maintaining her temperature very well now on her own. Really the only thing keeping her from coming home is that darn feeding tube. She can be home on oxygen and both of her meds can be administered at home. She is so close. I'm thinking another week or so..just a guess. I'm not in a rush to get her home, I want to make sure SHE is ready. It is so scary bringing home a preemie. Neither of us get much sleep for the first week, we just sit and watch them sleep, making sure they are breathing. It's exhausting. :)

Here are photos I took today and Tuesday. Enjoy.


  1. I am surrounded by all three boys oohing and aahing over her pictures. I'm explaining to them what all the tubes are for. The one at the end with her little eyes open they all laughed. She is going to be loved for sure!