Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I stood in the ocean: The Oregon Coast

WAY back in June, Dave and I took a trip up to Oregon to shoot a wedding in Portland. 
"On our way home" we took a little detour up to Cape Meares.
Oregon is GORGEOUS. I mean, breathtaking. 

I felt like Bigfoot was going to walk right out in front of us and then we would have to strap him to the top of our station wagon and take him home and name him Harry and care for him as if he was one of us. ;)

On our way we passed through Tillamook.
We didn't have time to go to the visitors center, although I'm sure it would have been the highlight of my life.

(picture courtesy of the internet)

This is a Tillamook cow. 
I'm pretty sure that if happy cows come from California, that angry cows must come from Oregon. 
This guy was NOT HAPPY.
 Although, I'd be ticked too if I was chained to the ground by my nostrils. 

I've never been to the ocean before EXCEPT for that one visit to Galveston Texas during a storm and I couldn't really see much. SO I was pretty excited. 
My heart was racing as we approached the lookout at Cape Meares. 

This was my first view of the ocean. It was breathtaking, and I cried. 
We could see sea lions playing and basking in the sun.
This is the other side.

We bought some glass whales for the boys and a thimble for my Mom from the gift shop inside of the lighthouse. 

We stopped in the bay and played on the beach for a couple of hours.

The sand and rocks look like chocolate chip cookie dough. mmmm

My toes in the ocean for the very first time! I know I am super dorky but I had to document it.

These rocks are where all the sea lions were hanging out.

Look at me. Standing in the ocean for the first(and definitely not last!!)time!
Next time is Cali baby and I will be wearing a wet suit and carrying a surfboard!

The creature from the black lagoon has offspring!!

p.s. Yes!! I finally blogged these pictures, my life can go on!!!! HAHA


  1. I LOVE the Oregon Coast - you got some great shots. I love the close ups of the cows - so cool!

  2. Beautiful shots... and Marc is sitting here next to me teasing Dave about his man-pries LOL don't worry I punched him for you