Sunday, May 09, 2010

Oh dear sweet one who birthed me..

I bought you a big ol slab of rocky road specialty fudge for Mother's Day yesterday..
then I was having a rough night last night...



I ate your fudge. 

Take comfort in knowing it made me very sick..
so depending on how you look at it, I saved you from an upset tummy.

I love you so very much. 

You have become my best friend..
the first person I call when something exciting happens..
the one I run to when things just aren't going my way.
The shoulder I can cry on and know that no judgement will be passed.

You rocked me to sleep as a small infant
you cleaned up my puke when I missed the bowl
you laughed at my jokes when no one else would.
When I had not a friend in the world, you were there...

I love you more than I could ever express...
but I won't give up trying.

Happy Mother's Day to the BEST Mother in the world..
(and yeah, I'm kinda biased)


  1. Ashley, this is a beautiful tribute to your mother.

  2. Dear Ashley,
    That is so sweet! This touched me to the core. It brought tears to my eyes and made my nose run! I'm (sort of) sorry you ate my fudge, but my backside really didn't need it. NO amount of any fudge could ever be as sweet as your message, or bring the tremendous JOY that I have from You-- and All My Children/Grandchildren! Thanks for your love and thoughtfulness.
    I Love You dearly, Mom