Monday, December 07, 2009

{caffeine driven}

Dear blog. It's 12:01-wait-12:02 am. Here I sit eating hot dog quesadillas and spell checker is telling me I spelled quesadilla wrong but doesn't have any suggestions for me. Whatever spell checker. How can I ever trust you again? My point is, I shouldn't blog on caffeine. I get crazy. Anyone who has experienced ME on caffeine knows this. I talk. I talk ALOT. And since The Jones (Davy Jones that is) has an extremely important Netflix to watch and can't bother with my late night ramblings, you, my poor blog, get the brunt of it. Hello, my name is Ashley, and I have an addiction. Don't you judge me. I have roughly 800 images not very patiently awaiting my sorting and editing skills in a cute little folder within a folder within a folder within a folder on my pc. I'm OCD. I organize. And that's why I have to be up late. Thus the caffeine. Makes total sense now doesn't it? You're right. It does.


  1. You can always make me laugh. I love it.

  2. you are too funny...can't wait to actually meet you.