Friday, March 13, 2009

{LaSt DaY TogEtHeR}

Dave left for South Carolina today. He will be gone for 6 months with a one-week visit in July. It was so hard to let him go. He has been everything to me for 6 years now and suddenly I have to say goodbye. Yesterday we went to Cabella's ("the dead zoo"as Jared calls it) in Lehi and just let the kids wander and see all the animals and play in the shotgun arcade. It was great to just take a day off work and be a family for the last time in a while. The boys don't understand that Daddy will be gone for a long time, but I am dreading the day that it finally hits them. I think that is partially why it hasn't been as hard for me, the boys aren't crying or asking when Daddy's coming home yet. I guess we will just take it one day at a time!

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  1. aw... I know how long seperations feel... it'll go by fast dear just keep you and your boys busy and before you know it he will be home!