Sunday, January 04, 2009

{A REally Long Post}

Hope everyone is having an awesome new year and surviving all of the sickness that's going around! We Spent New Year's Eve up in Logan with our friends Rebekah and Ben and 2 of Ben's siblings. We had a blast, ate too much, and tried to burn down the neighborhood with fireworks, but mostly ate too much(well, I did anyways)
This is Jairus, Ben's sister Becky's son...

Haha look at Ashton!!Ben and ApolloBecky and Jason...

and the little one(uh..I got nothin' on a name)

and all of the soda and food...

On the 31st, we joined my parents in saying farewell to my little bro Aaron as he leaves for his Mission. I didn't think I would cry, after all he has been pestering me for 19 years, why would I be sad to see him go away for 2 years? Go figure! But yeah, I cried.

My dad helping him put on his shiny new badge with the greenie sticker..

He definately looks handsome as a missionary! If anybody didn't get Mom's email with his address it is:

Elder Grundvig

MTC Mailbox #117

DC-South 0121

2005 N 900 E

Provo, Ut 84604

It's weird for me to think that he is still only 20 minutes from my house!! I want to visit but I can't!!

Here are some pictures from Christmas m0rning. The pics aren't the greatest, and there are few, but I was sick with the stomach flu that morning and had been up all night with Ashton and his ear infection. Yay, Merry Christmas to me!!

"Take a picture of my transformer"

Not awake yet...

And a random picture of Jared watching TV through the blinds. Already a peeping Tom?


  1. cute pictures! I love Christmas pictures! I wish that you could come out and visit too! Or just move to Colorado Springs. That would work too right? LOL

  2. Love the pics from our party. :) Would you mind sending me the one of Ben and Apollo and Becky and Jason? Cute!